1283 Preacher Deluxe

Cette guitare appartient désormais à mon ami Edouard du Havre / France.
Elle à été remise à niveau par Mike, son précédent propriétaire qui a fait un travail fantastique avec l'aide de membres du Fan Club Ovation et des gens de l'usine.
Lisez l'histoire de cette guitare en bas de la page.
This guitar now belongs to my friend Edouard from Le Havre / France.

It has been repaired by Mike, the previous owner of this beauty who has done a fantastic job with help of Ovation Fan Club's members and Ovation's Customer service.
Please, read this guitar's story at the end of the page.


Some pics of this guitar before.
By this way, you can appreciate the fantastic job done by Mike!!



And what she looks now...

The story of this guitar by Mike
(excerpt from a post on the OFC board):

"Start with a classic Ebay auction in which the pictures are bad, the Seller
is doing this for a friend and they really sell dolls and garage clutter 99%
of the time. Very nice people to work with though. The instrument arrives in
a case I immediately have to put out in the garage. The switches are boken
off, the gold plating is worn and the fifth fret inlay has been removed.
Also someone recoated the polyurethane finish on the neck with lacquer.
Thanks to the efforts of Customer Service, Rick "Chatman" and "BruDev" the
electronics are refreshed, revived and renergized!
In the mean Time I get to polish my skills on Paul Moody's instrument which
is now the "GFKAV" or guitar formerly known as viper! Removed from it is a
fairly nice Deluxe neck that he had picked up from Miles some time back. It
now sports a rejuvinated Deacon neck which I must say feels "right" on this
body. Throw in a realignment of the knobs and switches to a "Bluebird Viper
III" configuration along with an upgrade to Seymour Duncan Phat Cats. It
receives a figured Walnut pickguard from the same batch as my Sunburst
Deacon 12.
Along comes Tony Calman's Manly Wood Tone Viper back for a little lifetime
warrantee work. Tony has been a great encourager and supporter of my garage
efforts and if necessary I would take a bullet for him. Hopefully small
caliber and not in a vital area, but all the same. I rework Tony's Viper and
use a second batch of Walnut veneer for his pickguard and TRC. Now when you
dremel out the openings for the Viper sized Pups you can make a TRC out of
each plug. The other TRC ended up on the Preacher Deluxe.
So where is this going? Edouard's (Dude) Preacher Deluxe has parts, pieces
and soul from Hartford CT, Ebay, Stewmac, MWoody, Chatman, BruDev, Moody PI,
Miles and Tony Calman at the very least. And without the advice, criticism
and sarcasm (what we do best?) from others on this board, where would I be?
I offer to you the first International OFC Guitar!

 MWoody (Mike) 17 novembre 2005