Adamas "F" Holes Prototype

Thanks Sam!!


From Sam who sold me this amazing guitar:

"This is a very rare Ovation adamas acoustic only guitar.This is a preproduction adamas i believe to be serial # 11.There is a piece of masking tape inside the guitar that reads G# 11 which i believe means guitar # 11.The first 26 adamas guitars were prototypes.This is a rare piece of Ovation adamas history built around 1974-75.This has an arched graphite top with f-hole type soundholes.Ovation was experimenting with sounhole configurations to see what would work best on the adamas series.The guitar is a bit crude but playable and sounds good.As you can see from the pics below the top is black but never finished or painted,just raw graphite.The binding was never finished and you can see the fiberglass and resin on the pic with the side of the guitar .The fingerboard was not completely finished at the bottom but all frets are there and guitar is playable.There is also an access door on back held on by tape.The soundhole was there to acces braces and to shave them for voicing the guitar. "

Look inside this guitar !!! Listen to its sound...

30 Years after... Proto and #47-RI